About Cloud Chords

When Covid happened, there were suddenly no gigs, no in-person lessons, and seemingly no prospects for a musician and teacher like myself. The future was bleak and uncertain. However, as you know, the show must go on! That’s why I decided to double down on music, and put all my energy into learning how be the best online music teacher that I could be.   I developed my own unique whiteboard system that allows our teachers to use visual learning tools and games in their lessons. I tinkered endlessly with interfaces and ethernet cables learning how to set up a remote lesson space for the best possible audio and video quality. I gathered, and even created my own resources to screen share and make lessons more engaging. 

Thanks to your interest and support, I’ve been able to connect with all kinds of people, all over the country, and it’s been an incredibly positive experience. Meeting new students and bonding over music really helped me get through this difficult time, and also to grow as a teacher.

Now, I'm using everything I've learned to help other teachers and students have the best possible experience learning music online. That’s the mission of Cloud Chords. We're jazzed to offer a variety of lessons with our local instructors (who are basically rock stars). All of our teachers are active, renowned, and vetted professional musicians. We welcome anyone who wants to learn music, and work with neurodiverse students and people of all ages.  -Eliot Jones, Director/Founder 

Eliot Playing Piano